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Notre collectif se donne pour objectif de diffuser des documents de la gauche radicale et/ou extraparlementaire en vue de rendre possible toute réappropriation de ces productions écrites, orales, audiovisuelles et graphiques par des individus ou des collectifs intéressés par des pratiques et des discours de rupture avec l’existant.
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Presentation [1]

The Solidarity group was born out of both a tradition of direct action trade-unionism expressed by shop stewards and the militant anti-nuclear movement. This background allowed it to have contacts with a lot of people and influenced it at least as much as its formal ideas. (...)

Agitator / Solidarity for workers power October 1960 – August 1977


Vol. 1 Agitator Volume 1 Number 1 – October 1960 “Agitator” introduced Wanted! Tame youth by Sylvia Bishop and Nick Ralph Song of the anti-partisan by Samuel Stuart France and Algeria Youth in industry by Ken Weller Thrupp and Maberley strike by Tom Hillier A letter from Exeter by (...)

Solidarity pamphlet – Number 1 - Undated Renault workers fight sackings: a graphic account of recent struggles at the Renault works in Paris and Le Mans by rank-and-file French metal workers Solidarity pamphlet – Number 2 – 1961 Belgium: the general strike Solidarity pamphlet – Number 3 - (...)

Solidarity Motor Bulletin - Number 1 – 1974 Ford struggle 73 – Antwerp, Genk, Bordeaux, Cologne, Melbourne, Amsterdam Solidarity Motor Bulletin - Number 2 – March 22nd 1974 U.A.W. scab union Solidarity Motor Bulletin - Number 3 – July 31st 1974 Datsun: hell’s battlefield Solidarity Motor (...)

Solidarity – Scotland – Volume 2 - Number 1 – March-April 1966 All about usPolitics 66SabotageEducation, freedom and authority by Ron BaileyYoung teachers action committeeWest German peace movement by Jim EvrardThe bar-L by Callum Robertson Solidarity – Scotland – Volume 2 - Number 4 – May (...)

Solidarity for workers’ power– Aberdeen - Number 1 – July 1969 EditorialMill workers fight by I.M.Tenants revoltThoughts on the French revolt by K.N.Trawl strike and the fishing industry by N.F.R.As we see it Solidarity for workers’ power– Aberdeen - Number 2 – Undated The G.E.C. (...)

Solidarity for workers’ full control – West London - Number 1 – Autumn 1969 Who we areBrent dustmen by A. MuckrakerThe minicab racket by R. MennGlasso’s goons by Spiro AgnewSheffield cutlery industry Viner’s wage slavesGEC Liverpool, the occupation that failedSaboting the boss by I. SabotAs we see (...)

Solidarity for workers’ full control – South London - Number 2 – April 1969 May 1st is May DayDaggers drawn at Dungeness by workers of DungenessLabour’s blueprint by Mark HendyKingsnorth kowboys by Ivan ErectionRed faces at L.S.E. by Ernie StantonStruggling on at KellogsChromium outpost – a poem (...)

Anthropology: child of imperialism – Third World study group Anthropology: child of imperialism by Kathleen Gough As we see it – Solidarity The workers’ committee – IS history group – 1972

Solidarity – North West – Volume 1 - Number 1 – Undated [9] EditorialMail order millionsUnion "co-operation" at Turner and NewallBuilding workers – no more sell-outs! by A. NaylorA woman’s place? by Christine SumnerNo smoking!Miners – militancy returns! by John KingComprehensives by Paul Harris (...)

Solidarity for workers’ power– Glasgow – Volume 1 - Number 2 – April 1965 A bureaucratic death-wish by John HarrisMilitants, look out by George BillsonPrince for peaceStudent actionSubversives at work by C.I. McGarvieOur man in Havana, a letter from Sid WilliamsonBreakaway unionThe war that never (...)

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