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Article published on 30 July 2017

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  • Solidarity Discussion Bulletin – Self-management and the limits of recuperation – Circa 1964
    • Self-management fetishism: the internal counter revolution? by Petr Cerny. London
    • Some thoughts on the “limits of recuperation” by Dave Lamb – December 1974
    • Comments on Dave Lamb’s article on “Some thoughts on the limits of recuperation” by Arnold Feldman (London
    • Dear Solidarity, a letter from D.B. (Birmingham)
    • What’s a malaise? by J.J. (London)
  • Solidarity Discussion Bulletin – History and revolution – Number 1 – 1972
    • ”History and revolution” – a critique of Cardan’s critique by Bob Potter
    • ”History and revolution” – on historical materialism by Maurice Brinton
  • Solidarity Discussion Bulletin – Solidarity and the neo-narodniks – 1972
    • The Big Flame letter
    • Excerpts from the B.F Broadsheet ("Bendix: How the Workers Took Over (A Group of Workers Say How It Happened"))
    • Our reply
      (Solidarity’s polemic aimed at Big Flame, following an exchange around the events of the Fisher Bendix occupation.)
  • Solidarity (London) Discussion Bulletin – A second look at Lenin – Spring 1980
    • Letter from Adam Westoby
    • Response from Andy Brown
    • Lenin, Leninism And Socialism by A.A. Raskolnikov
      (’A Second Look at Lenin’ was a discussion bulletin published by Solidarity (London) in the Spring of 1980. It consisted of a letter by Adam Westoby about the Solidarity pamphlet ’A Fresh Look At Lenin’ and responses by the pamphlets author Andy Brown, and by A. A. Raskolnikov co-author of the Postface to the pamphlet.)

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